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Looks Like I've Become A Nuisance
All These Fucking Contusions.
Fucking With My Brain
I Try To Stay Quite, Contained.
But Clearly That's Not Me.
And Obviously It's Not Meant To Be.
So Give Me One Last Look As I Walk Out The Door.
Cause What You Thought You Had, You've Lost For Sure.
~Im Out
Once again, I'm twisted for you.

excapt this time you're not with SHE but you're leaving me.

What am I suppose to do withoht you?

Without you, who does my love go to?

We had a special bond, you and I.

But it seems, versus me, I'd lose the tie.

Now im stuck, with no one but me.

And truth is, I'd give it all. down to the T.

I need you more than you know, you see?

Tears will flow at the empty you and me.

With no one to fill your place next to me

Why can't you see? you and I were ment to be.

Due to the lost love I'm bound to disrecieve,

the love you had in store. for US, for ME.
Silent screams escape the night, i look behind me, he's outta sight.

Quiet moans walk pass the throne. Dip, dash we'er about to clash.

tick, tok the sheers don't stop.

Loud gasps come out of fright, no one here can escape the night.
Although I bathe in pain and fear,
The thought of us close always draws near.
Tangled in love, as you caress my skin.
I soak in my dreams, again, and again.
The more your words collide with my heart,
The more I realize, I've loved you from the start.
Praying our love will never end,
All in all FOREVER we mend.
Lost had crossed the unknown frost
of things we seek to sneak a peek
for fate to come and make us weak
to lock us down, tame the sheep
to show our lies and make us reap
the lost be damned and the found be seen
twisted over that loftly feign
and turn us into a rage machine
to die to live, to live to die
one day will come and we all will cry
until the end comes i wait patiently
sad no more i will always seem
Wicked fire slashed my tire
Bashed my head, made me dead
Stomp me down, to the ground
The world is spinning, round and round
The world will end once again
If I can't count form 1 to 10
Bleeding feelings, crying fears
I wash my hands in puddled tears
Don't go back, it's always worse
Carry me away in that big black hurse
Awaken from a dream that always scares me
Cure my over-hang with a nice pot of tea!
if i die, its because of yu.
when i try i fail. so what's to lose?
yu dnt care bout me n yu show it good.
i try to act hard "i wish yu would"
buh it was a fake. cant yu see?
i've been through alot, and yu just ended me.
Open the door and you will see,
not just one but two sides of me.
So fearless, so mean, she watches them bleed.
But so innocent, so sweet, she's trapped inside of me.
Escaping one, but losing the other
silent screams from acrss the street, one thing leads to another.
I don't know how, I don't know when,
but she'll take over and strike once again.
Open the door and you will see, not just one, but two sides of me.
Thoughts that breathe, words that burn.
The things I leave, my soul that turns.
What's in the past it's left behind.
And what's in my future, God will ddecide.
Alone no more, through the dark I see
that the mistakes i made, will now pass me.
I hope and pray, that He sees my heart,
That he guides me through my breakthrough start.
Lost in thought
lost in sight
Hard to think but I think I might.
tired of hate but love the pain.
Love the way you lie.
I felt the hate rise up in me
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves.
I wonder out where you Can't see
Inside my shell I wait and bleed
I love how you meet someone and you think you know them but it turns out to be a lie.
all lies i tried but i cant deny.
how much i love but love is lost to a soft heart.
but no love is gained when love isn't there. so what do you do? to gain love that wont hurt? you trust and keep going with that search. but dont worry, it'll get better and you'll know to pass on your life lesson to help other youth.

pimp in distress
thoughts that breathe, words that turn.
love is strong, they die and burn.
i hate you so much i wish you would die
but when you leave, all i do is cry.
you're tied to me, like all my lies
i don't know how, but i'll love you to shreads
cause once i've got you, i'll love you to the end.